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Our Pharmacy Is Located In Soda Springs Idaho

Our Pharmacy Is Located In Soda Springs Idaho

We prioritize your health and wellness with exceptional pharmaceutical care and personalized attention from experienced pharmacists

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Vaccine appointments, including COVID-19, are available on a walk-in basis

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Our patients can receive customized medications for their individual health needs.

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Soda Springs Pharmacy Reviews

Explore the reviews and testimonials from our valued customers about our pharmacy in Soda Springs.

“Received great costumer service several times.”

Cory S. testimonial

Cory S.

“…went above and beyond to help me and answer my questions all. Great experience.”

Kirsten C. testimonial

Kirsten C.

“The pharmacist and technicians are amazing! They are helpful and professional. I would recommend this pharmacy to anyone!!”

Jennifer C. testimonial

Jennifer C.

“Friendly and professional.”

Brad S. testimonial

Brad S.

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Manage your pharmacy account online

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Strategically located in the picturesque town of Soda Springs, Idaho, our local pharmacy stands as a trusted healthcare provider dedicated to offering superior pharmaceutical services. If you’re searching for a “local pharmacy near me,” our Soda Springs Pharmacy should be your first choice. We take pride in our extensive selection of pharmaceutical products, our skilled team of healthcare professionals, and our steadfast dedication to the wellness of our community. As a vital player in Soda Springs’ healthcare landscape, we provide expert advice on medication management, potential drug interactions, and side effects, founded on our thorough knowledge of contemporary pharmaceutical practices. At Soda Springs Pharmacy, we make your health our top priority, serving our community consistently with unparalleled professionalism and considerate care.


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Jen Horton

Jen Horton

Soda Springs Pharmacy

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